Battle Scars

Next time you’re upset, I want you to go to the busiest place near you. Sit down in the corner, and observe as the people come and go. Look at their faces. Some will be happy. Some will be irritated. Some will be hurt.

Each person you see has lived a life as vivid, complex and full of emotion as your own. An old lady might have lost her husband a few months ago. A child may have lost his puppy. A girl may have been abused. A man may have said goodbye to his best friend for the last time. A lady may be having a hard time living with her own thoughts. A boy might have voices in his head biting at him everyday.

Remind yourself that while sure, not everyone is fighting your battle, everyone is fighting a battle. And that there are 7.4 billion people in the world, 7.4 billion battles, and yet the world keeps turning. The sun keeps setting and rising. Every single human being to have ever lived has felt pain, loss, disappointment. Every single one. That should give you hope, because that means that the happiest people to have ever walked the Earth were once in your shoes. It’s what they did about their struggle that made the difference.

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