Victory in Being Strong

Being strong means taking the blows and still fighting to your victory.

People misunderstand strength.

Strength is not conquering your struggle on the first try. Strength is not defeating the enemy. Strength is not waking up confident. Strength is not numbing your pain and burying your memories.

Strength is struggling. Strength is refusing to stay down when you fall, no matter how many bruises you’ve gotten. Strength is waking up and fighting to be confident, fighting to be happy, fighting through whatever battle you’re faced with.

I mean, think about it. How does waking up perfectly fine make you strong? How does pretending a problem isn’t there make you strong?

So when you’re down, and I or anyone else tells you to “be strong,” don’t take that as useless advice. “Be strong” doesn’t mean “Get over it.” It means “Go through it.” Experience the struggle. Believe that you will get through it. Believe that you can conquer your struggle, no matter how many tries it takes, no matter how long it takes.

Remember that being strong does not mean being invincible. Being strong does not mean walking out of the war unscathed. Being strong means taking the blows and still fighting to your victory.

So when you hit that stage where life comes and attacks you from every angle, hold your ground. It will hurt. Being strong doesn’t mean it won’t hurt, it will. But don’t lose hope in your cause. Don’t lose hope in yourself. Don’t lose hope in God. Continue to do your best. Victory is near.


One Reply to “Victory in Being Strong”

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