Shiny & Battered Coins

I performed an original oratory a few years ago for MIST, and I remember getting help from one of my favorite relatives, Faiza Bhabi.

She told me that when you look at a rose bush, you will see thorns. You will see them either as things that cut and hurt you, or you will see them as what protects the roses. They can be both a good and a bad thing depending on what they are doing at that point in time.

She mentioned that our bad qualities are like thorns. If they are used in a way that hurts yourself or others, then, of course, they are bad. But if they are used in positive ways, then they can be amazing things.

Take anger for an example. If you channel that anger towards people like your parents, your relatives, your friends or even strangers, that’s wrong. But if you channel it toward a tyrant, such that you don’t allow yourself to be a victim of injustice, then it’s a great thing.

So, I guess this is cheating because this is Bhabi’s ideas in my post, so all credit to her of course.

I just hope everyone can remember this next time they point out their flaws. I hope next time everyone can look at the other side of the rusted coin and find gold.


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