The Dead is Blossoming

Today my friend took me out to the most beautiful view I’ve seen in my beautiful little town. The view of the mountains stretched from the corner of my left eye to the corner of my right. It was spectacular. What made it even more fascinating was the juxtaposition of such a grand sight with the dead cornfield we were standing on.

If you’ve never seen a cornfield in the winter, it’s rows upon rows of dead straw and dead stems poking out of the ground like tombstones. The “tombstones” are roughly 8 inches tall, just a fraction of what the stalks look like in full swing.

When you look at it, it’s so hard to believe that those little sticks were once magnificent cornstalks, bright green in color and thick with leaves. Then the cold bit them, and they turned to straw, but once spring arrives, they will thrive again.

Sometimes we look at our current condition, and we can’t even begin to imagine ourselves in a better place. We look at ourselves, the way we look at those cornfields, and we think we’re at the end. Sometimes we just need a little push, a little rain, to get us back up to the strong, powerful creatures that we are.

Withstand the harsh winter. Spring is coming.