And yet your Lord Knows exactly how you feel.

It’s 11:38pm and I have nothing to write for today.

Not because I haven’t thought. Not because today wasn’t particularly amazing (though it was, alhamdulillah). But because sometimes words can not do justice.

There are certain emotions, certain stories, certain thoughts that cannot be described in any number of combinations of letters and sounds. Some stories can be told over and over to people of different paths of life and yet no one will fully and truly understand the way that you feel.

It can be incredibly lonely. Knowing that whatever pain, whatever happiness, whatever emotion you feel cannot truly be sympathized with by someone. Even if someone has been through the same exact thing, they have lived a life different than yours, and therefore feel a completely different way.

And yet your Lord Knows exactly how you feel. He knows how you feel better than you do yourself. While you may not have the words to explain them, He hears it from your soul directly. Perhaps it would be more useful to cry to Him then. Perhaps that would make more sense. Some prayers are made just by silently cupping your hands, knowing that He knows how you feel and asking Him to help you through what no one else can.

Pray to the Only One to whom belongs the heavens and the earth. Who could possibly be a better Provider than the One who Created everything that is to be provided?


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